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Be a Thought Leader

A common thread through all of my articles is clear: Always look for your advantage in your field. Finely hone it. Embrace it. And speak up about it.

The squandered potential of remaining silent when you know so much—is a pitfall to avoid at all costs. Often business owners do not have the time to devote to communications. It’s understandable; you have a business to run. So, what is the next best thing you can do? Outline.

Take the time to write down three key things that you know about your job or industry that a friend or potential client would find interesting, useful, or shocking. Yes—a spicy or surprising tidbit goes a long way to keeping you memorable. Then pick the best item and roll with it.

Suppose you have the time to do a short write up about this tasty morsel, great. Please do it. Get it up on your website. Start telling your clients and customers about it when they come to your business place. Include it a social media post or Facebook Live. Also, share this information with your employees and ask them to start repeating it.

When you define what is essential in your industry or sector, you are, by definition, a thought leader. Your viewpoint, your expertise—this is a unique selling position that you have, and your competition doesn’t.

For some clients, a Letter to the Editor in your industry’s popular publication also helps establish your position as a thought leader. But, getting published is not necessary. The steps to thought leadership are straightforward:

  1. Lean on your years of experience.

  2. Believe that you are a thought leader.

  3. State your case.

  4. Keep repeating it to everyone.

If you don't plan on giving a TED Talk anytime soon, but would still like some writing assistance on thought leadership content for your business, MISKAFIED Communications can help. Sometimes a nudge is all it takes!

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